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A Few Of Our Favorite Things


... once when my kids were little 
( 7, 4, 3, 1, pre Madilyn & Gabrielle)  I had carefully planned their afternoon activities so I could tune into  “Oprah’s Favorite” things. I’d bribed the kiddos with a favorite snack earlier in the day, and now...hello FUN BUS toy time for them, while I kicked up my tired tootsies with a cup of Earl Gray.

Let’s just say...it turned into four little monkeys jumping on mom-ha! Hey, I tried, and WHO didn’t look forward to that particular Oprah episode!

We’ve adopted that ❤️ and established our own list! It’s hard to label items as “favorites” when we hand select each product in our boutique. So... just for y’all  we’ve thrown together a few that we truly can’t resist! We can’t reveal all of them at once, that spoils the surprise, so check back daily!