Friday 5/8/2020

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Hello Willow Family!

Feels like it’s been a minute since we’ve been together, and Miss Chatty Kathy at the Willow ....misses visiting with y’all! Thank heavens this will all end soon, and we sincerely thank y’all  for the sacrifices with following guidelines that have allowed it to happen... sooner, rather than later! 

For now...just like in ♥️Sweet Home Alabama❤️ We would like to offer the opportunity for you to enjoy your own personal time at The Rusty Willow Boutique! Freely browse all our new items, enjoy a treat, draw for a discount to use on the day you visit, and enter to win our weekly $50.00 give away! There is no cost associated with this service!  Each session will last 45 minutes, thus allowing us to safely sanitize for your fellow Willow friends. 

We promise to exercise all safety precautions, proper hand washing, sanitizing as we go, and we will have our masks on. We ask kindly in return, bring your mask as well 😷  and limit your party to 4 peeps or less.

We thank you for the incredible support throughout the last 6 weeks, and look forward to seeing you!